Urinal Cakes – The Easy Way To Keep Your Urinals Clear Of Smells

Stinky urinals?

Are your waterless urinals frequently blocked?

Used in a large number of public bathrooms, waterless¬†urinals provide convenience but require regular maintenance to ensure they stay in good working order. Foul odours come from urine scale buildup on the urinal and through the pipes. Bacteria growth creates an unmistakable ‘public toilet stench’.

Automatic spray deodorants that are designed to suppress the foul smells do not solve the problem and can sometimes just intensify the bad odours.

What Is The Easy Way To Keep Waterless Urinals Clean?

Step 1) Urinal CleanerUrinal Cleaner


Stinky odours need to be resolved as opposed to just covered over. A band-aid solution will not rectify the problem. Recognise that the smells come from bacteria growth.

An enzyme-based pH neutral cleaner that can be sprayed directly onto the urinal is the ideal solution. Spray onto the urinal and allow the solution the soak into any joints. Pour a small amount of the cleaner down the drain to allow the cleaner to break down any uric buildup in the pipes, which is generally the source of the foul smells. A biodegradable pH neutral cleaner ensures that the pipes are not damaged, while still being strong enough to break down and flush away the source of the odour.

Step 2) Urinal Cakes

Urinal Cake

Once the urinal and pipes are cleaned, it is essential that you create an environment that retards the growth of bacteria. Urinal cakes (also known as urinal blocks) are an effective and easy-to-use solution to reducing the amount of hard scale buildup within the urinal and drainage pipes.

Urinal Cake is an Australian company that provides a highly effective range of urinal cakes manufactured from non-harming chemicals. The benzene free composition will reduce the smell of stale urine. The innovative design of the urinal blocks allows the cakes to last up to one month with normal use. The non-carcinogenic formulation has a pleasant fragrance and will effectively reduce blockages and foul smells in your waterless urinals.

For a free sample of the urinal cakes visit the Urinal Cakes website today. Offering free shipping and a range of bulk-buy savings, Urinal Cake is one of Australia’s most trusted urinal cleaning supplies websites.

Buy bulk and save:

Box of 100 – $330.00

Box of 50 – $165.00

Box of 10 – $50.00

The NSW Government Health Department recently issued a warning about using urinal cakes –¬†http://www.health.nsw.gov.au/environment/factsheets/Pages/naphthalene.aspx.

Urinal Cake does not use Naphthalene or harmful chemicals in the formulation of their urinal blocks.

Step 3) Regular Maintenance

Preventative maintenance and the proper installation of the urinal is essential to ensure that there are not regular blockages in your urinals. Don’t wait until your bathroom is flooded. If you want to prevent expensive plumber fees, organise a regular urinal maintenance plan. An industry expert can ensure the urinal has been installed with the proper pitch and is located downstream from a water source to prevent common urinal problems. Is your urinal draining slowly? This could be due to the buildup of urine residue and scale in the pipes. A urinal maintenance expert can service your waterless urinals and restore them to a factory standard. When you consider the cost of an emergency plumber callout when your urinals are overflowing, the cost of regular urinal maintenance is quite affordable.

Keep your urinals free of foul smells and blockages.

Follow the aforementioned three-step plan to ensure your urinals provide a professional appearance in your facility.



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