How To Pressure Clean Your Driveway (Like A Pro)!

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Is your concrete driveway starting to look like an acne prone teenager? Are there oily-spots ruining the first thing that visitors see when they come to your home?

Why Should You Clean Your Concrete Driveway?


It is amazing the difference a stained driveway can make to a property. Straight away there is a certain shabbiness associated with a dirty slab of concrete at the front of your home. Whether it is dirt, oil, grease stain or tire marks, it can really add a grimy impression to your property.

Remove Mould and Fungus

There is actually a silly amount of slippage injuries every year from slippery driveways. The porous holes in concrete are the perfect home for mould and fungus to start growing. Not only does this organic scum look terrible, but it can become extremely slippery when it gets wet. When you are loaded up with a couple of bags of groceries in each hand, the last thing you need is a slippery surface.

Concrete Strength

Pavers Pressure WashingWe generally think that concrete is unbreakable and the last thing that we need to worry about is that it is going to get weaker over time. But this is actually a more important point to consider that many home-owners would care to believe? Though there is no ‘concrete osteoporosis’, mould and mildew growth on concrete releases acids that can compromise the strength and integrity of the concrete. While the concrete is not likely to crack and break under the weight of your foot, the weight of a car (especially a large SUV) can cause excess force and cause permanent damage to weakened concrete driveways.

Mould does not actually ‘eat’ concrete, but it feeds on moisture, algae, bacteria, salts, pollen and dirt that is trapped in the porous holes. The acid produced by the mould eating the organic compounds makes the concrete more porous and creates larger problems. By keeping your driveway clear of dirt and grime you can extend the lifespan of your driveway.

The Basic Concrete Driveway Pressure Cleaning Technique

Remove all items from your driveway. This includes cars, kids and bikes. Sweep rocks, sticks and hard objects off the surface to ensure they don’t become projectiles when the power washer comes out.

Safety First – Pressure washing machinery is great fun to use, but it needs to be respected and used in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure there is no injury or damage. Make sure that you have read the owners manual for your pressure washer and always wear appropriate personal protective equipment. If you are using a cleaning agent, make sure that you protect your eyes and protect your skin from any strong chemicals. Non-slip boots should be worn as the surface can become slippery when soapy solutions are introduced.

Central Coast Pressure Cleaner

Enjoy the satisfaction of a spotless driveway.

Choose the right equipment – It comes as no surprise to readers of that you need the right tool to get the job done properly. Most manufacturers recommend a 1500-2000 watt pressure cleaner to provide adequate cleaning power for a driveway. Only use a cleaning detergent that can specifically be used with pressure washers.

Apply degreasing agent – Some brands of degreasers can be sprayed on with the pressure cleaner set to low-pressure. Let the degreaser soak in so that it can attack the stubborn stains. If you are feeling impatient and can’t just sit watching, grab a stiff bristled broom and agitate the stains. This will ensure the degreaser soaks down deep into the porous cavities and agitates the stains.

Make a game plan – Unless you want your driveway to have ‘zebra stripes’ don’t just start attacking your driveway with the pressure washer without testing it on a small patch. Start from the highest area of your driveway and work down so that you are not pushing dirty water back onto the clean area that you have done already. Think ahead and plan so that spray is not splashed up onto your windows or walls.

Release the beast – Once you have your plan, start with smooth long strokes of the pressure cleaner. Don’t be tempted to get the nozzle too close to the surface when there are stubborn stains. Just go over the area a few more times. The spray should lift any grime and dirt from off the concrete. Rinse all of the dirt and detergents off the surface.

Time for sealing – Once the surface is entirely dried it is important to apply a sealer. A sealant will ensure that your driveway is more stain-resistant and will save you from having to clean the driveway as regularly. Use a roller brush to apply a waterproof sealer working from the middle outwards towards the edges. Wait at least 24 hours before driving a car on the driveway.

3 Important Times To Pressure Clean Your Driveway

  • Before The In-Laws Come Over

If you don’t treat that slab of concrete out the front of your house properly, how are you treating their precious daughter?

  • Before You Sell Your Car

If you are selling your car you might as well cut a few thousand dollars of the sale price if potential customers turn up to your house and see the driveway with a large ‘connect the dots’ made out of leaky oil spots.

  • Before A Property Inspection

Whether you are having the value of your property appraised, or having a regular maintenance inspection of your rental property, pressure cleaning your driveway is going to ensure that no-one is put off by the first thing they see when they arrive at your home.

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