How To Prevent Urinals From Getting Blocked

How To Prevent Urinals From Getting Blocked

Are you tasked with keeping the urinals in your commercial facility clean and free of smells?

This is no small challenge!

One of the best value for money decisions you can make is ensuring that you are using the highest-quality urinal mats and urinal blocks.

When urinals are not properly maintained it can lead to massive problems with scary repair bills. Both waterless urinals and flushing urinals require regular maintenance in order to stay in good working condition.

  • How can you keep your urinals free of blockages?
  • What can you do to ensure your urinals don’t have any funky smells?
  • What are the best value for money urinal maintenance products in Australia?

Read on to find out!

How Can You Keep Your Urinals Free Of Blockages?

Urinals get blockages when gum, rubbish, paper, hair or other objects block up the drains and prevent water from leaving the urinal. Though this can start off as a minor issue, it can lead to very expensive emergency plumber callouts.

The easiest way to prevent urinals from getting blocked is by using urinal mats.

Urinals mats, also known as urinal screens, acts as a physical barrier that prevents rubbish and foreign objects from getting lodged down the pipes of the urinals.

The best urinal mats contain enzymes that prevent nasty smells.

If you are buying urinal mats for your commercial facility, ensure that they are flat and flexible. Floating urinal mats are proven to provide great protection from blockages as water and urine flows under and around the urinal mat while still preventing foreign objects from going down the drain.

What Can You Do To Ensure Your Urinals Don’t Stink?

For the easiest means of keeping your urinals free of nasty smells, urinal blocks are the simple solution. Urinal blocks, also known as urinal cakes, contain enzymes that attack and destroy the bacteria that cause the ubiquitous funky public bathroom smells.

Urinal Cake

Instead of just covering over the problem with a pleasant fragrance, urinal blocks attack the cause of the problem.

Additionally, urinal cakes also prevent hard scale build-up within the pipes so that they drain more efficiently. This ensures that nasty odours from the drains don’t come up the pipes and can greatly reduce the risk of blockages.

When you are shopping for urinal cakes online, make sure that shipping is cost-effective. Explore the ingredients of the urinal blocks and make sure that there are no nasty chemicals. Benzene-free urinal blocks are recommended for public restrooms.

What Are The Best Value For Money Urinal Maintenance Products In Australia?

The family owned and operated team at Urinal Cake offer the best value for money urinal maintenance products in Australia.

With a complete range of urinal blocks, urinal mats and urinal cleaners, you can get everything you need in the one place. Urinal Cake takes the stress and hassle out of keeping your urinals clean by offering low rates on high-quality products.

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