How To Choose Paint Colours For Your Home Exterior In Penrith

What is your house saying about you?

The colour of your exterior walls can leave a massive impression on your visitors as well as influencing the perceived value of your home. So there is a lot of pressure on homeowners in Western Sydney to ensure that they choose the perfect hue for their exterior walls. For the best advice and assistance in choosing the right colours for your home exterior walls, visit the Penrith Painters website today!

What can help you choose the right paint colours for your home exterior?

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Here are 5 points that can help you!

  1. Consider the era and style of your property
  2. Test the paints on your walls
  3. Consider your neighbourhood
  4. Think long term
  5. Call Decor8 Painting & Decorating Penrith

1) Consider The Era And Style Of Your Home – What is the architectural style of your home? There are some magnificent vintage homes throughout Penrith and Western Sydney as well as some stunning modern architectural marvels. If you want to show respect to the vintage of your home, choosing a historically appropriate colour scheme will give your home the right look.

2) Test The Paints On Your Walls – Paint chips are convenient, but the colours can vary based on the underlying surface. When you consider the magnitude of painting the entire exterior of your house, you don’t want to leave anything to chance. Get paint testers and apply them to the walls once you have prepared the surface. Make sure that you step back 10 meters then 20 and even 50 meters away so that you can compare the colour with the backdrop of your house and landscaping.

3) Consider Your Neighbourhood – Each suburb has a unique personality. Every street has its own atmosphere. While you don’t need to exactly replicate your neighbour’s colours, it can give you inspiration. Many property owners get the most satisfaction when they choose colours that stand out from their neighbours without clashing. The goal is to coordinate your colours with your surroundings.

4) Think Long Term – Ask any professional painter what advice they would give a homeowner thinking of painting their exterior walls and they will most likely recommend the same advice – think long term. Investing in high-quality durable paints can save you a lot of money in the long term. While it may require you having to spend a little more on purchasing the premium paints, the durability of the paints ensures you will save money in the long term. Once you settle on the perfect shade of paint, you want to make sure that it looks great for years to come, so make a savvy decision and buy advanced paints that will last the test of time.

5) Call Decor8 Painting & Decorating Penrith – As one of the most respected professional house painters in Western Sydney, John Berben is the expert you can rely on when you need to find the perfect colour for the exterior of your home. With more than three decades of experience providing first-rate painting services throughout Penrith and Western Sydney, John Berben has the expertise and experience to help you find the perfect shade.

Don’t underestimate the impact that adding a fresh coat of paint can have on the overall feel and impression of your home.

Give John at Decor8 Painting & Decorating Penrith a call today and take the first step to refreshing your home.

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