Gutter Cleaning – A Simple DIY Guide

Gutter cleaning, it is not exciting, but it is essential.

What are the consequences of not cleaning your gutters regularly? According to the team at gutter cleaning Central Coast, the following are just some of the risks if guttering systems are not properly maintained:

  • Water damage throughout the internal structures of your property
  • Rust can decrease the lifespan of your gutters
  • Increased fire hazard
  • Pests can take up residence in your gutters
  • Rain overflow can damage concrete foundations

While it can be painful and annoying to clean your gutters, the consequences of not maintaining your gutters are far more severe.

So how can you quickly and easily clean your gutters?

Read on!

Choose Your Day

Don’t even think about cleaning your gutters when it is raining. With an increased chance of slipping and falling, that might be obvious, but it is also so much easier to remove debris from your gutters when they are dry. Start early in the day before the sun heats up the roof to oven-like conditions.

Safety First

Whenever you are dealing with working at height, it is imperative you create safety systems to reduce hazards. Half of the falls on Australian workplaces that resulted in a fatality involved heights of less than three meters. Whether you use ladder brackets or roof anchor points, it is vital that you can access your gutters safely. If you do not have an appropriate height safety system, the best option is to engage the services of a professional gutter cleaning firm to complete the project for you.

Remove The Muck

Using a small scoop or your gloved hands, remove the gunk, leaves, sticks and debris from your gutters. Depending on the layout of your property, it can be easier to lay out a large tarpaulin on the ground and drop the debris on that as opposed to keeping it in a bucket. Some gutter cleaners prefer to use their hands instead of a scoop, but be aware of spiders and other creepy-crawlies that may be hiding under the leaves. Do not lean on the ladder. Make sure that you have three points of contact with the ladder. Instead of stretching too far, take the time to reposition the ladder to ensure you can safely complete the task.

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Inspect Gutter Condition

While you are cleaning your gutters, it is the perfect time to inspect the condition of your gutters to make sure that there are no cracks, splits or major rust issues.

Don’t Forget The Downspout

It doesn’t matter how spotless your gutters are, if your downspout is packed to the brim with leaves, your gutters will overflow with even the lightest rain shower. Depending on the design of your downspout you can use a straightened-out clothes hanger to dislodge any items that are stuck in your downspout.

If In Doubt, Call The Professional Gutter Cleaners

Gutter cleaning can be a great DIY home maintenance task, but if you are afraid of heights or spiders, or if you have a multi-story property, it can be the savvy choice to call in your local gutter cleaners. If you are not confident working at the top of a ladder, you should give your local gutter cleaners a call.

Introducing The Friendliest Gutter Cleaners On The Central Coast

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