How To Install A Whirlybird On A Metal Roof

Are you sick and tired of paying for exorbitant electricity bills each summer? For many Australian homeowners, they get hot under the collar both from the intensity of the regular summer heatwaves as well as the skyrocketing price of electricity.

Which is why it makes so much sense to install a whirlybird on your roof.

Using natural convection and wind forces, a whirlybird extracts heated air from the roof cavity of your home and replaces it with fresh cool air. This prevents the heat from radiating throughout the internal structures of your home and creating oven-like conditions in your property.

Would you like to discover the tips and tricks for easily installing a whirlybird on your metal roof? Come and learn the industry secrets from one of Australia’s leading whirlybird manufacturers.

Before We Start

Ok, before you get too excited, this is one important caveat: “Installing a whirlybird is best done by a trained professional, ensuring that a weatherproof seal is restored to the roof”.

Are you a trained professional? Can you safely access your roof? Do you have the necessary equipment to ensure proper waterproofing? If you do, read on, if not it might be the best option to bite the humble bullet and engage the services of a professional whirlybird installer.

If the waterproofing is not completed properly it can result in serious water damage throughout the roof cavity and internal structures of your home.

Step 1 – Identify The Ideal Location

Most homeowners prefer installing the whirlybird on the side of the roof that is out of sight. While whirlybirds are not an eye-sore, they do break up the lines of the roof, therefore keeping them out of sight can improve the overall aesthetic of your property.

If you are installing more than one whirlybird, you must install them an even distance along the roof to ensure maximum performance.

Step 2 – Mark The Position

On the bottom of the ridge cap, you will need to mark the position to identify the hole to be cut.

Step 3 – Cut The Hole

The hole needs to be cut carefully with an angle grinder or tin snips.

Step 4 – Install The Flashing Panel

Make sure the shortest side of the flashing panel is located closest to the ground. Fasten with screws and sealing washers.

Step 5 – Install The Pitch Collar

Once the flashing panel is securely installed, the variable pitch collar can be installed on top of the flashing panel. Adjust the angle of the collar so that it is horizontal. You can adjust the two halves of the whirlybird to change the vent angle. If the vent is not sitting flat it will not work efficiently.

Step 6 – Screw Into Place

Fix the collar into place using the supplied screws and tree metal straps. Make sure that the flashing panel is securely fixed on all edges. Silicone the inside seam of the collar and the screw joints to ensure a properly waterproofed seal.

Step 7 – Install The Rotor Head

Fix the rotor head onto place ensuring that the variable pitch collar is straight. Use the supplied screws, but do not over-tighten them, or it can cause the base ring to crack during intense storms. Make sure that the whirlybird is spinning freely and that there are no squeaks or strange noises.

NOTE: These instructions are based on the manufacturer installation instructions. We take no responsibility for installation work or damage caused.

Twista Whirlybirds

What Are The Advantages Of Roof Whirlybirds?

Everyone understands that whirlybirds are a cost-effective means of keeping your house cool in summer, but have you ever stopped and considered what benefits they can provide your home in winter?

Residential properties in Sydney and Melbourne often face major mould problems. Many homeowners try all types of methods to keep mould at bay, but one of the most effective solutions is increasing ventilation. This is where whirlybirds come into play.

Working along with extractor fans, whirlybirds allow water vapour and humid air to be easily removed from the roof cavity. Keep your house a mould free environment with the assistance of eco-friendly whirlybirds every winter.

Twista Whirlybirds Winter

Why Choose Twista Whirlybirds?

Australian owned and operated, Twista is a team of passionate industry experts who have created the most durable and cost-effective whirlybird designs in Australia. With a commitment to continually refining their designs to offer Australian consumers the best value for money roof ventilation solutions, Twista Whirlybirds has established a reputation as industry leaders and innovators.

Designed, tested and manufactured in Australia, Twista whirlybirds offer class-leading durability and performance. Using premium-quality materials and components, Twista whirlybirds operate silently year after year. The twin steel bearings provide optimal performance and do not require regular maintenance. The smooth operation ensures the whirlybird is 100% waterproof when installed properly.

The Twista website is the best place to purchase affordable whirlybirds without having to accept compromises. There are a lot of very cheap whirlybirds that are available in Australia, but they are generally constructed in South East Asia from inferior quality materials. The plastic bearings warp in the hot Australian heat and cause the iconic “whirlybird squeak”.

Don’t settle for imitation whirlybirds. Rely on Twista Whirlybirds – The King Of the Whirlybird!

Since 2002, The Twista team have been manufacturing a wide range of whirlybirds in the South Western Sydney factory. Each item is thoroughly tested to ensure it is ready to handle the harsh rigours of the Australian weather.Roof Ventilator

Unlike powered whirlybird systems, the Twista whirlybird is eco-friendly and utilises the free cooling power of the wind. Additionally, this also means that once you install the whirlybird there are no extra costs.

Designed with durability in mind, Twista whirlybirds just keep on lasting. Though there are cheaper whirlybirds that are available from Australian hardware stores, none will last as long the Twista whirlybird.

If you would like more information on how to install a Twista whirlybird on your roof, visit the company website today.

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