How To Find The Best Temporary Fencing Solution

  • Do you need to provide security fencing for your home renovation or new home construction?
  • Are you looking for a cost-effective means of providing a reliable barrier system?

There is no shortage of companies that provide rental services for security and temporary fencing systems. You would no doubt have seen these systems installed on commercial building sites, music concerts and sporting events. The metal fences provide adequate security on a budget. If your goal is crowd control or blocking off areas from the public, these economical solutions can meet your needs.

But if you want to provide genuine security, there is a better option. Even more impressive is that this upgraded temporary security fencing will not break your budget.

Australia’s Most Advanced Temporary Security Fencing

No Thru ™ is an Australian owned and operated company that provides an innovative temporary security fencing system that offers a range of innovative features. The unique Patent Pending interlocking system provides far superior security compared with inferior products.

Whereas the vast majority of security fencing systems on the market can be easily moved or disassembled with a simple spanner, No Thru ™ security fencing cannot be discreetly removed with common tools.

This is genuine security fencing. If you want to protect your assets and prevent thieves from stealing your belongings, then investing in No Thru ™ security fencing is the savvy option. The manufacturers of No Thru ™ temporary security fencing even envision the system being used to protect high-value items, quickly establish national border controls and address other acute crowd control needs.

Why Is No Thru ™ Temporary Security Fencing So Effective?

There is no other security fencing on the market that uses the same revolutionary interlocking design. Enjoy the satisfaction of enhanced security while still having maximum ease of use and flexibility.

Gone are the days of having to rely on a simple bolted bracket design. The No Thru ™ patented interlocking system simply cannot be separated by an unauthorised person. From the foot of the fence to the very top, there are innovative elements and bracing that provides exceptional security and stability.

When you use No Thru ™ you can confidently assign your access points with confidence. Enjoy the assurance of knowing your temporary security fencing is actually providing high-level security.

Why Should You Use Temporary Security Fencing?

  • Do you have valuable assets on-site?
  • Is your family protected during your renovation process?
  • Would you like extra assurance that thieves, vandals and unscrupulous individuals are not accessing your property?

Temporary security fencing is an economical and effective means of creating a stable barrier for your property. Suitable for residential, commercial and civil use, No Thru ™ fencing systems are durable and can handle the intense Australian environmental elements.

Whether you need security fencing for your small building project in Western Sydney or a large commercial property in Western Australia, No Thru ™ has you covered with competitive prices and first-rate customer service.

When you deal with No Thru ™ you are dealing with the industry innovators and leaders. The team can help you understand the economics of renting versus buying and provide you with options to best suit your budget and specific requirements.

Upgrade Your Security Today

Vandalism and theft are growing problems all over Australia. Whereas traditional temporary fencing can stop some amateur thieves, it does not provide sufficient security for high-end assets.

No Thru ™ security fencing offers class-leading security that will impress even the most experienced tradesmen. This is hard-core fencing that can handle intense environments.

If you would like to discover whether No Thru ™ temporary security is the best option for you, don’t hesitate in contacting the team today. They are experienced industry experts who are happy to help you understand all of the options available and outline the pros and cons of your unique situation. Feel free to take advantage of their expertise and experience to ensure you are provided with the ideal security for your home, office, construction project, commercial property or public event.

Do You Need Temporary Fencing For Your Construction Project?

The Safe Work Australia Construction Work Code of Practice explains that any workplace carrying out construction work must manage and control WHS risks and must also ensure that a construction site is secured from unauthorised access. This even applies to pool building even if the house is unoccupied.

Temporary fencing is an affordable and simple means of protecting the general public from entering your construction zone.

Did you know that South Australia Police reported that theft and property damage from building sites averaged about $4,000 per new house in Australia?

So can you really afford to utilise an advanced temporary security fencing system?

If you really want to protect your tools, building materials and family, rely on No Thru ™. There is no doubting that this is a groundbreaking system that is going to help you stop unwanted people or vehicles from entering your premises.

Durable, Secure & Cost-Effective

When you take a few minutes to actually analyse the design and simplicity of traditional fencing systems you will see that it does not provide sufficient security. Don’t settle for the second-best.

Invest in No Thru ™ security fencing and save yourself the hassle, frustration and financial loss of having to buy new tools and building materials. No Thru ™ security fencing can help you sleep soundly at night knowing that your construction project is safe.

If you would like to discover all of the benefits of the groundbreaking No Thru ™ design, give the team a call today. They will gladly help you understand the unique advantages of their unique interlocking system. Additionally, the No Thru ™ website has a helpful video that shows just how secure, durable and flexible the security fencing really is!

So, how can you find the very best temporary security fencing system in Australia?

Simple, visit the No Thru ™ website or give the team a call today!

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