Why I’m Obsessed with Artisan Bread!

If there’s one thing you need to know about me, it’s this: I am completely obsessed with bread! Okay, you probably already guessed that from the title of this article… But it’s honestly true! In recent years, I’ve become a total artisan bread addict. I guess you could say it’s my hobby. I love trying new types of artisanal bread, learning about bread, and even making it at home myself. 

If you were to stop by the grocery store near me, you’d always find me in the bakery section! I love them all, whether it’s your classic rustic French stick, a nice sunflower seed bread, or something more exotic like an Italian oven-baked focaccia. And my love of bread is the inspiration behind today’s blog post! 

I thought it would be fun to share with you all why I love bread so much and how I make it at home, as well as share some of my favourite types of bread and local artisan bakery in case you want to join me in the bread obsession club! 

The Best Comfort Food

So let me tell you one of the biggest reasons I love bread… it is the ultimate comfort food! It’s just so delicious, and is there anything better than the aroma of freshly baked bread wafting through the kitchen? It’s like a warm, carb-filled hug for your soul. Whether you’re slathering it with butter, dunking it in soup, or making a killer grilled cheese, bread is the hero of the comfort food world. Plus, if we’re talking about baking bread, the act of kneading dough can be therapeutic in itself – who needs stress balls when you’ve got a lump of dough to work out your frustrations, am I right? In my opinion, bread isn’t just food; it’s a warm, doughy embrace that makes everything a bit better! 

But I have even more convincing reasons why artisan bread is so great. Read on to find out!

A Versatile Canvas

So now to the next reason why I’m so interested in bread: versatility!  Bread is incredibly versatile, especially when you dive into the artisanal stuff. To me, artisan bread is like the chameleon of the food world – it can be whatever you want it to be! And I’m talking about flavours, textures, shapes and sizes. It can be savoury, sweet or even both if you really want to try something crazy! 

For example, everyone knows bread is a staple of any sandwich. But with artisan bread, you can create more than your ordinary sandwich! Why not try it with some crusty sourdough? This delicious bread is perfect for adding an extra level to any sandwich. Or you can crank up the flavour dial by incorporating slices of a more intensely flavoured loaf, like olive bread or pumpernickel. 

When it comes to flavours, one of my favourite bread products has got to be an Italian focaccia – it’s basically a canvas for all your favourite tasty toppings and herbs! I love buying every type of focaccia available at the supermarket near me and doing taste tests.

You can’t beat the variety, and that’s so true when it comes to bread. From whole grain goodness to fruity, herby, nutty or seedy concoctions, there are so many different ways to create unique and flavourful bread-based goodness!  Toast it, top it, stuff it, dunk it – the world of artisan bread is your oyster. So, if you’re not on the artisan bread train yet, you’re missing out on a world of delicious possibilities. 

Look Beyond The Carbs

This reason may be of interest to many people because bread often gets a bad rep when it comes to health. However, I’m here to change your mind and tell you about the healthy goodness of eating artisan bread and why carbs aren’t actually the enemy!

Artisanal bakers often use top-notch ingredients, opting for whole grains and natural fermentation processes that retain essential nutrients. Unlike some mass-produced bread, these artisanal loaves are more than just a vessel for your favourite toppings – they’re packed with fibre, vitamins, and minerals that your body needs! 

And now, to address the elephant in the room– carbs aren’t all bad, people! In fact, they’re your body’s preferred energy source. With its complex carbohydrates, artisan bread provides a steady release of energy, keeping you fueled and satisfied. So, next time someone gives you the side-eye for indulging in a slice of that beautifully crafted sourdough or multigrain masterpiece, remind them it’s not just about taste – it’s a nutritional win, supporting a balanced and delicious approach to healthy living! 

Make It At Home

If you’re interested in baking up some mouth-watering artisan bread in your own kitchen, here are some game-changing tips that I’ve learned! First things first, cultivate patience – artisan bread is a slow and steady process. Let that dough rise, ferment, and develop its flavours! Use quality ingredients; go for the good flour, and don’t skimp on the water. 

Another thing that really helps is to invest in a good Dutch oven for that perfect crust and soft interior! And don’t be afraid to experiment with different flours, seeds, or even a touch of honey for that personalised touch. When it comes to baking, a steamy oven, in the beginning, creates that crispy crust we all adore! If you need good artisan bread recipes, you can find lots of these online easily just by googling ‘artisan bread recipes’. 

And my last little tip is to share the love and the bread! There’s something magical about sharing bread you’ve made with friends and family. So, roll up those sleeves, flour up your countertop, and let the artisanal baking adventure begin!

Join The Bread Obsession Club!

Okay, I must have convinced you by now that artisan bread is fantastic, and you need to run out and try some right now! I have? Excellent! Then, let me quickly tell you about my favourite artisan bread treats before I wrap this blog up. 

Some of my favourite baked goods include cranberry walnut bread, a wonderful sweet and savoury loaf. I also love the Mediterranean olive bread they make at the supermarket near me. And brioche is always a good choice, especially if it has extra toppings of flavours in it, like orange blossom. You already know I love a good focaccia, but one of my favourites is a hot honey focaccia! If you live in Sydney, I definitely recommend checking out Rozelle’s Fabbrica bread shop because they do a killer honey focaccia.

So that about wraps up my ode to artisan bread! I hope you enjoy trying out some of the bread I mentioned in this article, and do let me know what you think in the comments. I always love to talk about bread!