The Mighty Urinal Cake

This is a topic that isn’t discussed very often. However, urinal cakes or urinal blocks are one of man’s greatest inventions. If you’ve ever been into a public toilet that doesn’t have them, you’ll probably agree! Did you know the name Urinal Cakes is claimed to have come from Benjamin Franklin? More about that later.

What are urinal cakes?

Urinal cakes are generally made of para-dichlorobenzene, a deodorizing chemical. They help to control bacteria and reduce smells. The downside of para-dichlorobenzene is that it’s an animal carcinogen. Most urinal cakes also contain benzene. There are various ill effects of benzene as it causes cells not to work properly. Benzene can cause harmful effects on the bone marrow and a decrease in red blood cells.

This disturbing knowledge led me on a mission to find benzene-free urinal cakes. I found a company in Sydney, Australia, that supplies benzene-free urinal cakes. Not only that, but their urinal blocks are non-carcinogenic. They also supply urinal mats and urinal cleaner. No wonder they are Australia’s leader in urinal cakes. Who are they? The name says it all; they are actually called Urinal Cake.

Urinal blocks

What makes Urinal Cake special?

Not only do they supply benzene-free and non-carcinogenic urinal blocks, as mentioned earlier, but also their urinal cakes dissolve in water. This prevents blocked drains and costly plumber bills.

Another advantage is that their urinal cakes reduce the uric scale. Uric scale is a hard scale build-up caused by the mixture of urine and water when you flush. This is the main thing that causes foul smells in many bathrooms and toilets. Urinal Cake urinal blocks dissolve soft build-up and reduce hard scale, which clears the urinal drains.

To top all that, their urinal cakes last for up to a month. That’s a great investment, especially if you own a restaurant or other public building and use loads of them regularly.

Urinal Mat

Why are urinal mats useful?

Splashback! If you know this term, you are likely a male member of the species. No matter how careful a sprayer you are, the splashback is an inevitable conclusion. Whether it’s on your shoes, pants, floor or the wall, the splashback is disgusting. Urinal mats prevent splashback, which benefits you and your customers.

Another benefit of urinal mats is that they prevent blockages. We’ve all seen chewing gum, cig butts and worse at the bottom of the urinal. This leads to blockages and overflows. By providing a barrier to your drainage system, urinal mats can save expensive plumber bills.

Urinal Cake has a unique two-sided urinal mat that eliminates 99% of splashback. It also prevents 95% of all urinal blockages. In addition, they also have a fresh fragrance that lasts for up to 30 days.

Benjamin Franklin again

As mentioned earlier, Benjamin Franklin is claimed to have coined the term ‘urinal cakes’. Apparently, he baked a batch of cookies while experimenting with the Franklin stove. He left them beside the outhouse for his guests, and someone knocked the plate into the urinal pot. The cakes absorbed the smell, and so came the name. The story smells a bit fishy to me.

Urinal cakes date back to the 1880s, and one of the earliest patents is accredited to an inventor named Edward Mallet Jr. His design was made of glass and seeped liquid disinfectant into the urinal. Over a hundred years on, some still use this method but with plastic. It’s impossible to discover who invented urinal cakes but what I did find out is that Urinal Cake make the best ones. As Australia’s leading supplier of urinal cakes, it’s clear to see they are a cut above the rest. They also supply urinal mats and urinal cleaner, so for all your urinal needs, give them a call today at 0448 198 598.