How To Use People Counters To Improve Your Retail Business

Are you utilising all of the information that your customers are providing you?

Maybe your IT department is full of techie-geniuses that extract a wealth of valuable data from Google Analytics. You can make the most of this information to optimise your keywords and create landing pages that will draw visitors to your site.

But what about all of the physical information your visitors and customers provide you?

Your business does not need to be a retail powerhouse to benefit from the key metrics that your customers provide. By investing in retail technology you will be able to make the most of your retail conversion to deliver a more satisfying experience for your customers and operate a more profitable business.

Before you keep reading, can you answer the following two questions?

How many visitors come to your store each week?

How many visitors of your store convert into paying customers?

Retail Counters

By making even minor adjustments to the way you deliver your products to your customers your conversion rate could dramatically increase. But in order to make informed decisions and measure your growth, you need to invest in retail technology that will allow you to capture data accurately in an easy to understand manner.

When your store managers are not on shift what happens to your store performance?

Customer service has never been so important.

Your staff provide a living and breathing face to your business. If you really want to increase the profitability and efficiency of your business it is vital that you have real-time access to visitor data, including traffic and conversion statistics. By having a thorough understanding of how your visitors interact with your store you will have a more intimate understanding of your service, more than just knowing how many items you are selling.

Which is your best performing store?

What are the differences between your best and worst performing stores?

How can you improve your sales performance?

Is there anywhere you can cut costs without impacting on sales performance?

TCS BI Australia

“But I already understand my customers and my store, why do I need data to tell me what I already know?”

For every retail business, there is no shortage of sales figures. But do you have an insight into your traffic? Do you have an honest understanding of how many your visitors convert into customers?

An embedded people counter (also known as visitor counter) can help you gather accurate data for establishing how your stores are performing. Establish the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. Find out whether your window displays and product marketing is bringing customers into your store. Learn which techniques are best at encouraging foot traffic into your store.

Don’t make decisions based on guesswork.

Don’t make decisions based on a feeling.

Enjoy the confidence of knowing you are making informed decisions based on solid data.

Annually businesses in the retail industry invest over $20 billion on business intelligence. Why? Because it works. Don’t get left behind. Give your business the boost it needs to leapfrog your competitors and provide a service that your customers appreciate.

Running my business takes up too much of my time, I don’t have time to sift through volumes of new data!

Engaging the services of an experienced team will ensure that you do not waste your time. Focus on the profit-making aspects of your business and allow specialists to handle the rest.

Visitor Management Systems

Who Is TCS BI?

TCS BI is the key to gathering and understanding your customer data. With over 40 years experience in the industry, the team of industry experts at TCS BI know how to identify the data that will provide maximum value for your business. Additionally, they create tailored people counting systems that present data in an easy to understand manner.

Get the most value for money with a custom-designed visitor management system created for your unique needs and budget.

TCS BI takes pride in creating retail counters that are designed to help your business thrive. Each system is crafted to present data in a meaningful way, thereby allowing your team to utilise the data to create strategic business and marketing plans. Anticipate the needs and trends of your customers before it is too late. Real-time data allows you to adjust how you provide your services for the best possible customer experience.

Generate demographic intelligence of your customers that will give you another layer of understanding of your target audience and clientele. With sophisticated video and algorithms, TCS BI can help you identify key customer segmentation information. This information allows you to create tailored marketing campaigns that are more effective for each specific customer segment. Developed with privacy law compliance, you can have the confidence that your business is gathering valuable data without compromising the safety or privacy of your customers.

Quality (ISO 9001), Environment (ISO 14001) and Safety (AS/NZ 4801) internationally certified.

With an in-house R&D team, TCS BI is raising the industry standard and creating new technologies right here in NSW. With customers in a wide range of industries, TCS BI have the expertise, experience and passion to provide you with a class-leading visitor management system that will add genuine value to your business.

  • Over 2000 installations
  • Millions of people counted each year
  • Leading the field since 1971
  • 25 years of product life support
  • Installing internationally since 1988

What Services Do TCS BI Provide?

TCS BI has been at the forefront of people counter development in Australia and the Asia Pacific for over four decades.

  • People counting
  • Visitor insights
  • Visitor engagement
  • Staff efficiencies
  • Data analysis
  • Auditing & Support
  • Visitor management systems
  • Retail counters

Would you like a commitment-free discussion to discover how people counters can assist your business? Contact the team at TCS BI to book an appointment.

Gather the data that business owners could previously only dream about.

Upgrade your service delivery to exceed your customers’ expectations. Enjoy real-time data that enables you to make informed decisions on the fly.

Contact the TCS BI team today to see how people counters can help your business thrive.

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