How To Prepare For Building A Kerb, Gutter Or Edging

Are you searching for a reliable DIY guide for how to prepare for building a kerb, gutter or edging?

We’ve had frequent requests here on for more guides explaining how to prepare projects, so as to reduce the amount of work that is needed for contractors to come in and finish the task. So we have prepared the following guide with the assistance of one of NSW’s premier kerb contractors as well to provide you with the tips and tricks to ensure your project is a success.

It is not an exaggeration to state that the key to making sure that you have the highest quality kerb installation, is all in the preparation. Take the time to properly prepare the site and everything else will fall into line.

So without further ado, here are the most important tips and tricks to properly prepare your site for the construction of a kerb, gutter or edging installation.

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How To Prepare For Building A Kerb, Gutter Or Edging

Identify The Ideal Kerb Profile

Do you need extruded, slipform or Elsholz kerbing? What are the requirements of your Local Council? What is the quality of the pavement that will be supporting the kerbing?

Before you get excited and start renting some state of the art excavation equipment, you would be wise to consult with the kerbing contractor that you will engage. There is a lot of science and legal regulations in identifying the ideal kerbing profile for each project. This is one of those projects that is best delegated to the industry professionals.

If you are searching for some technical reading in order to make an informed decision, some of the relevant Australian Standards include:

  • SSC SSC standard drawing series – Drawing number SSC-05
  • RMS QA Specification R15 Kerbs and gutters
  • AS 2876 Concrete kerbs and channels (gutters) – Manually or machine placed

This list is not comprehensive, as the relevant standards will depend on the specific requirements and legislation of your Local and State Council.


Before you start ripping up the road and upsetting your neighbours, make sure that you have all of the relevant permissions. Excavation, removal and disposal of any material should only be carried out once you are certain you have permission.

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Preparation For Kerb And Gutter

Here are the requirements as outlined by the Sutherland Shire Council:

“The subgrade shall be trimmed to a level that provides for the full depth of the compacted kerb base and shall be compacted to density specified for the adjoining road pavement. The width of the excavation shall allow for compaction of the adjacent road pavement.”


In order to lay an accurate kerb, accurate surveying needs to be completed. If you would like to streamline the installation of your guttering and kerbing you can engage the services of a recommended surveyor to complete this task and then pass on the survey to your kerbing contractor.

The survey can be supplied to your guttering professional using roofing nails with ribbons in the base or with surveying pegs.

According to, “the surveyor should install his offset pegs at 250mm (instead of 1m) behind the back of the kerb, with top-of-kerb marked on the pegs.” The rationale is that this allows the kerbing contractor to string a line directly onto the pegs and thereby avoid doubling up on installing pegs. Tip: Some kerbing contractors will offer a discount if your survey pegs are set at a 250mm offset as it reduces the time that it takes to complete the task. Ask your kerbing contractor before you commence the surveying as it might save you a pretty penny.

Who Is The Leading Kerbing Contractor In Newcastle?

When it comes to recommending a kerbing contractor who has a passion for workmanship and a wealth of experience, there is a kerbing contractor that stands head and shoulders above the crowd.

For more than 50 years, Vadas Kerb has been the trusted name for kerb installation and construction throughout the Newcastle region. Starting with Ziggy Vadas, and now helmed by his son James Vadas, the Vadas Kerb team has established an enviable reputation in the community and the industry as the #1 kerb contractor in the region.

Offering a wealth of kerb profiles for residential, commercial, industrial and civil projects, Vadas Kerb is the team who you can call when you want the job done right the first time.

Specialising in slipform and extrusion kerbing for car parks, roads, highways and subdivisions, Vadas Kerb also provides Elsholz kerb construction on request.

If you have any questions about how to best prepare for building a kerb, gutter or edging, the Kerb Preparation Tips page on the Vadas Kerb website offers industry insights and technical specifications for a wide range of kerbing types.

Vadas Kerb continues to set the industry benchmark for professionalism and attention to detail.

Would you like to inquire about the competitive rates provided by the Vadas Kerb team? Give James a call or visit the Vadas Kerb website to send a message today.

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