How To Maintain Your Power Tools

When was the last time you maintained your power tools?

Year after year, your trusty power drill has been helping you get your projects done.

But what are you doing to make sure that it keeps on lasting year after year?

If you need the motivation to clean and maintain your power tools, here is something that might give you the push you need.

Cleaning your power tools is going to save you money! BIG MONEY!!!

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Speaking to the average tradesmen that shop at Sydney Power Tools, most acknowledge that their main power drill will last about six years under normal use.

But are most power tools maintained properly? Absolutely not, if they were they would last a lot longer.

Estimates vary among industry experts, but regular maintenance per the manufacturer’s instructions can extend the lifespan of a power tool for 5 to 10 years.

Think about that!

That is a massive financial saving if your power tools start lasting up to 15 years at peak performance as opposed to only 6 years.

What would you rather spend your money on? New power tools or new toys? We agree that power tools are some of our favourite toys, but you could buy more tools instead of just replacing the tools you have.

How To Maintain Your Power Tools

So now that we have your attention, what is the best way to clean, maintain and extend the lifespan of your power tools?

The following steps should help extend the lifespan of your power tools, but we recommend you consult your manufacturer’s guide to ensure your tool is being properly maintained.

Blast Away The Dust

Brush, vacuum and wipe away any dust. Some tradesmen use an air compressor to blast away any dust from those hard to get places, whereas other tradesmen don’t recmommend this as it can force dirt particles into sensitive areas of the tools. Whatever technique you are comfortable with, make sure that you can remove as much grime, grease and oil from the surfaces. Not only will your tools look better, hence you will treat them better, but your tools will last longer as a lot of that construction dust will speed up rusting.

You clean your hands, what about cleaning your tool?

You clean your hands, what about cleaning your tool?

Lubricate Moving Parts

Any metal parts that rub against each other require regular lubrication for peak performance. One of the simplest but most effective ways of upgrading the performance of you power tool is to apply some machine oil to any moving parts. Consult your manufacturer’s guidelines to confirm the best oil for your specific tool.

Inspect Cords

Small nicks can lead to big disasters. Check your power cords for any cracks, nicks and warping. Replacing a power cord is a lot cheaper than replacing a power tool.

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Tighten Any Loose Screws

You normally tighten screws with your power drill, but if there are any loose screws or pieces on your power drill it will unnecessarily vibrate and operate noisily. Tightened screws will ensure your tool is well balanced and secure so that loose parts are not damaged prematurely.

Remove Any Rust

One of the most satisfying and effective tool maintenance tasks is removing rust. Follow the guidelines in your manufacturers manual to remove any spot rust on the surfaces of your tool before it gets worse.

Replace Or Sharpen Any Parts

The easiest way to upgrade the performance of your tool is to replace your blades or abrasive materials. Whack on a shiny new blade and your trusty saw or planer will feel like it has just come out of the packaging. New blades are a small investment, but they make the job much easier for you and the motor in your tools, extending the lifespan of both!

Get It Professionally Serviced

If you don’t know how to replace the bushes in your drill, don’t risk ruining your tool to save a few bucks. Take your tool to your local tool store that offers repair and maintenance services. There is something special about seeing your old and weathered power tool still purring like a kitten once it has been serviced. It should not cost much, but it will ensure that your tool lasts for years to come.

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If your power tool is not operating properly even after being serviced, it is time to invest in new equipment. Not only are faulty or poor performing tools frustrating to use, but they can be dangerous. There are countless examples of individuals suffering serious injury and even death due to faulty tools.

But just because you need to buy a new power tool doesn’t mean that it will cost an arm or a leg.

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So what are you going to do this Saturday afternoon?

Is it time to give your power tools some TLC?

Investing a small amount of time and effort into cleaning and maintaining your power tools can save you massive coin in the long run. Look after your power tools now and they will keep looking after you year after year.

How To Clean Power Tools

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