How To Get Residential Structural Drawings Online

Are you looking for an affordable and time-efficient way to get structural drawings for a residential property in New South Wales?

Engineering App

The Engineering App is a state-of-the-art resource for builders, architects and owner-builders to obtain structural drawings. What makes The Engineering App a breakthrough technology is that you no longer need to waste time driving to the offices of a structural engineer, and then waiting even longer for them to send you the documents.



The Engineering App allows you to upload all of the relevant documents, complete the five-step wizard and then have the structural documents emailed to you.


How To Use The Engineering App

  1. Visit The Engineering App website
  2. Register as a user
  3. Choose your construction style
  4. Options include: single story dwelling, double storey dwelling, dwelling situated vertically above or below another dwelling, construction exceeding two stories
  5. Upload your site soil geotechnical report
  6. Upload your floor plan
  7. Submit proposal
  8. Upon payment, your structural drawings will be emailed to you in an easily shareable format that allows you to share the drawings with your builders, tradesmen and anyone else on your project

Online Structural Drawings

Unlike using traditional structural engineering firms, The Engineering App allows you to input, access and receive the documents from your smartphone or computer 24/7. All documents are supervised by an Engineers Australia Member and are covered by professional Indemnity Insurance.