Pavers Pressure Washing
Is your concrete driveway starting to look like an acne prone teenager? Are there oily-spots ruining the first thing that visitors see when they come to your home? Why Should You Clean Your Concrete Driveway? Appearance It is amazing the difference a stained driveway can make to a property. Straight […]

How To Pressure Clean Your Driveway (Like A Pro)!

Cleaning Pavers
Ask any home maintenance professional and they will be able to list a range of benefits of concrete pavers. Easy to install, cost-effective, durable and more visually appealing than a slab of plain concrete. On the other hand, ask any homeowner and they will all have the same complaint about […]

The Easier Way To Pressure Clean Concrete Pavers

Australian Visa Services
Is it your goal to move to Australia? What is the best way to migrate to Australia from India? Statistics from the Australian Government Department of Immigration and Border Protection reveal that in 2014-15, 68% of people migrating to Australia are skilled migrants. This can be further broken down into […]

How To Get An Australian Work Visa From India

Sydney Pool Builder
Installing a pool in your backyard is a great investment decision. Not only will a designer pool add genuine value to your property, but also to your outdoor lifestyle. Modern pool building techniques allow professional pool builders to construct pools and spas on uneven surfaces and small spaces. But before […]

3 Questions To Ask Your Pool Builder To Save You ...

Roof Access
Hopefully, you are reading this article before you are dangling off a roof of a multi-story commercial property! Myth: Fall arrest systems are only needed on skyscrapers. Fact: There is no doubt that fall arrest systems are essential if you are hanging off the precipice of some of Sydney and […]

How To Use Fall Arrest Systems

There is one constant in the Australian building and construction industry; all tradesmen hate paperwork! Quotes, invoices, receipts, time sheets and reports should all be considered swear words on the job site (though there are enough profanities already on the average work site). Not only does filling out all of […]

How To Eliminate Paperwork – Tradies Edition – Job Management ...

Burning Firewood In Newcastle
At the time of writing the Eastern Coast of Australia is sweltering through some of the steamiest days on record. So is it really worth your while researching how to cut, split, stack, season and store firewood in summer? Here is a proverb worthy of consideration: “Go to the ant, […]

How To Cut, Split, Season & Store Firewood In Newcastle

Window Cleaning
Am I the only one who has fingerprint magnet windows in my home? Admittedly, I open my windows every day to air the house out, but surely I don’t touch the glass that often. Yet there are enough fingerprints on my windows that it is almost becoming a modern impressionist […]

How To Clean House Windows In Sydney

Gutter cleaning
At we are all about making your life easier.  That is not to say that we cut corners. But we are passionate about tasks that can make our lives easier and more hassle free. Cleaning your gutters is a hassle. Scrap that, cleaning your gutter is a major hassle. […]

How To Install Gutter Guards And Save Time Gutter Cleaning!

Easy Clocking Time Clock
If you have just purchased an Easy Clocking time clock you will need to become familiar with the browser-based time and attendance software. The good news is that you do not need an IT degree to understand how to operate it. It has been designed with an easy-to-use interface that […]

How To Setup An Easy Clocking Time Clock